water & ice

July 1, 2008




Just one touch will freeze. 😉


June 12, 2008

This is ‘dog’.



‘Dog’ sometimes changes the shape a little and represents beasts.


hell? 🙂


June 9, 2008



and foot related words.


But if you omit the part, you must jump…

  times. 😦



June 9, 2008



‘Hand’ also changes the shape a little and will be a part of hand related words.


If you mistake the part a little, it will be…


heart, mind

June 8, 2008

This is ‘heart’ or ‘mind’.



and ‘heart or mind’ related words.


The symbol sometimes changes the shape a little in order to be a part of other ‘heart or mind’ related words.


Why ‘sex’? Anyway, the next character contains both.


The strength of heart and mind will be necessary sometimes.



June 6, 2008



and fire related things.



Don’t you think Kanjis are easy?!



June 5, 2008

This is ‘bug’ or ‘insect’.


and various bugs…


These creatures are not bugs but I guess ancient people thought they were bugs.


But I can’t understand this.



June 4, 2008



June 4, 2008

This Kanji means ‘state’ or ‘mode’, but usually will be used as an appendix word like “Dear” in English. 


 Dear God

 Dear Buddha

 Dear Customer 😉


June 3, 2008

Her work is getting harder and studying more complicated Kanji. So I try to pick up some idioms for a while.


blue + spring = adolescence


sell + spring = prostitution