Alphabet name to Kanji

If you are interested in how your name can be in Japanese Kanji, or searching for cool designs for tattoos, car stickers or business cards, visit here.


9 Responses to Alphabet name to Kanji

  1. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Indrawan Setiawan says:

    can you write my name in kanji art? arigato gozaimasu……

  3. kionatic says:

    To: Indrawan Setiawan

    Visit this site.

  4. kionatic says:

    Hi, sanjisan

    Thak you for the comment.
    I know that site. Interesting but I feel limitations.
    For example, if I input “David”, it shows some combinations of only ‘da-bi-do’.
    But ‘de-bi-do’, ‘dei-bi-do’, ‘de-bito’ or ‘dei-bito’ is also possible. Many other Kanji combinations are possible.

    The font is only one there, but more calligraphic fonts are good for tattoos, mincho is good for bizcard or something.

    So try

  5. zynga chips says:

    lol a few of the commentary bloggers write are a little out there, sometimes i contemplate whether they seriously read the items and content before writing or whether or not they merely read over the title of the post and type the very first idea that pops into their brain. anyhow, it is actually pleasant to look over intelligent commentary from time to time in contrast to the exact same, outdated blog vomit that i typically notice on the net i’m off to enjoy a smattering of hands of zynga poker hasta la vista

  6. ugh says:

    you can’t be serious…this website is terrible and a load of shit. You can’t make people pay for this when maybe their name doesn’t actually have a kanji or the person could go ask a fluent japanese person. you are pathetic.

    • kionatic says:

      Many Japanese study English and write their names in alphabet though they don’t actually have such names nor don’t have foreign friends. Don’t worry, orders are few.

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