My daughter is 9 years old, and the 3rd grade of an elementary school in Tokyo, Japan. I found “Kanji is interesting” when I was giving some advise for her homework, though she and I are Japanese. So I’ll pick up a Kanji character every day, and write something inspired from it.

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  1. myriam Yared says:

    Please let me congratulate you on your site, it is very interesting.
    Is there a way i can get automaticly everyday the kanji character of the day on my email?
    Thank you for your help. Hope your daughter is enjoying her spring break.
    kind regards

  2. kionatic says:

    Thank you, myriam!

    Not using email but you can subscribe ‘RSS’. Can you find ‘RSS’ button on your browser? It’s usually on the right corner of the URL box.

    If you click the button and subscribe the RSS of this blog, new posts will soon display on your browser and notify you. Instead of browsers, you can also use RSS reader applications to subscribe RSS.

    New school season of my daughter will soon start. I’ll pick up new Kanjis and post interesting ones. I hope you keep reading:)

  3. Great info over again. Thank you.

  4. Hey that you very much to the report, it absolutely was very and beneficial study! I’ll be back again afterwards for positive.

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