four sufferings

September 14, 2008

Sorry for long time no update, but my daughter came back to school and I’m back here. ;o

I don’t know whether the words today are good or bad for my coming back, but these are so called ‘four sufferings’ in Buddhism.



‘Desease, aging and death’ are understandable, but ‘birth’ is also something we suffer from.



My son and his Trumpet

August 26, 2008

I also have a son at the age of 12 and he plays trumpet.

He got a trumpet this spring and played “When The Saints Go Marchin’ In” “Happy Birthday” and “Theme from Lupin the 3rd” at his school event.

After that, the trumpet had been left alone, so I asked him to play something else. He said OK and the song I brought was this:

Nini Rosso’s Il Silenzio

That was the first song I recalled about trumpet 🙂

Trumpet is a hard instrument to play, you know, but he has practiced whole summer, and this is his play today! Will you listen?

Sorry, PC microphone recording quality, but I love it. I played keyboard in the background 😉


August 10, 2008



Sorry, my daughter is on her summer vacation now. 😉

subtle difference

July 14, 2008









water & ice

July 1, 2008




Just one touch will freeze. 😉

sky or empty

June 16, 2008



June 12, 2008

This is ‘dog’.



‘Dog’ sometimes changes the shape a little and represents beasts.


hell? 🙂


June 11, 2008



and archery related words.




June 9, 2008



and foot related words.


But if you omit the part, you must jump…

  times. 😦



June 9, 2008



‘Hand’ also changes the shape a little and will be a part of hand related words.


If you mistake the part a little, it will be…